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DataLiva Sponsored Award Ceremony

The awards for the anthem composition competition, organized by JCI Bahçeşehir in honor of the 100th anniversary of our Republic and sponsored by dataliva have been presented.

In the competition, the first prize was awarded to Nur Sarpdere Tat's composition titled "Çok Yaşa Cumhuriyet 100. Yıl Marşı" Dataliva Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. was presented with a thank-you plaque for their support and sponsorship of this historic composition competition.

Among the outstanding compositions of the evening, Göksel Çetin's "Daha Nice Yüzyıllara" won the second prize, and İlke Gülye Köse's "100. Yıl Marşı" received the third prize.

The jury panel included various individuals from the fields of academia, music, and the arts. The compositions that made it to the finals were performed again during the Gala Night of the "Çok Yaşa Cumhuriyet 100th Year Anthem Composition Competition", accompanied by the BAU Polyphonic Choir.

Burcu Çoban, the President of JCI Bahçeşehir, an international civil society organization for young leaders and entrepreneurs, stated in her speech during the event: "JCI Bahçeşehir is an organization dedicated to helping young people discover their potential, serve the community better, and create change. Tonight is of great importance in demonstrating how much talent and energy the citizens of this country have in order to pass on the independence and achievements of the Republic of Turkey to future generations."

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