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I would like to thank Mujtaba Khalid and Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) for this amazing gift. I have literally read almost the entire book in one sitting. I found it that enjoyable and engaging.

This is a no fluff and no bluff book! It does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives you a practitioner's insight into how the Islamic Finance industry operates.

The book has 8 chapters as follows:
1. An introduction to Islamic banking and finance
2. Islamic commercial jurisprudence
3. Shariah compliant contracts
4. Islamic banking products
5. Islamic capital markets
6. Islamic accounting
7. Takaful and Retakful
8. Islamic Finance regulatory framework

The book gives you practical application of Islamic financial products in banking and capital markets. Home financing, car financing, asset financing, personal financing, credit cards, LCs, options, savings accounts, trade financing, and many other products are discussed.

The chapter on Islamic Financial markets covers the equity markets, investment funds, private equity, ETFs, REITs, sukuk and risk management. The section also addresses derivatives.

I found the first chapter to be the most insightful. It unravelled how Islamic economics is wholesome and holistic. Sharia provides a framework for man's interaction with nature and fellow humans.

The book stresses how the Islamic economic system, its principles and theories that man uses to address the economic problem of this world, must be related in a profound and inseparable way to the Akhirah.

Islamic economics focuses on how resources are organised to fulfill human need, and at the same time, for the welfare of the society in order to get the blessing of Almighty Allah.

Overall, this is a great book to have in your library and there are several insights throughout the book.

Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised of finding a reference of myself in the first chapter!


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